October 21st, 2013

now - tough bitch.

Pack it up, pack it up - you got it!

My internship is almost over.

I'm officially one week from my last day.

I spent most of today packing up clothes. It's funny just how much I overpacked for that. I didn't know what to expect, weather-wise, so I packed both summer clothes for hot days in the desert and warm coats and long sleeves for the winter. I also had dresses, skirts and business attire, because I wasn't sure if the "dressy casual" described by the previous intern means the same as it does at RHA, and worn t-shirts and jeans for hiking in. So I had way more clothes than necessary, and it took a while to get everything I wouldn't need in the next week all boxed up.

Then I moved on to books, which took a while because I can't seem to go anywhere with at least three times as many books than I can read, and my art supplies, because I can't very well go starting an oil painting now and hope to have it dry enough to travel by next Tuesday.

Suddenly, the day was gone. I meant to take a break in the afternoon and go hiking off the Burr Trail, but somehow the day just slipped away.

So in the evening, I tried to pack up extra kitchen stuff, but most of my bowls and pots and pans are still in use so they've got to stay out for now. Same deal with linens and toiletries. Oh well.