October 28th, 2013

piranha - bored blunt cut.

Last day at the museum and staff party

And just like that, the internship was done.

When I went into the museum today, it was weird. I was essentially done with most of my tasks - or I'd at least managed to find a suitable stopping point - so there wasn't much to do. I processed one last box of artifacts before submitting the inventory record to my boss and two women at at the university who had initiated the whole inventory process. That didn't take long.

I had pulled my artifacts for my exhibit display last week, but I moved them back into the storage room and carefully noted where each artifact would go when the sign was finally completed. I'm really frustrated that the sign isn't here and ready to go. Considering I initiated the process in September, I would have expected at least a quote by now, but the company hasn't even been able to send me that!

After clearing my personal items and projects from the storage room, I cleaned up the curator's office, placing books and files back where they came from. I purged any and all files I'd generated from the state computer. I gathered up my notes, a photograph of Seanie, a flyer from the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Then that was done.

My boss came in, so we went over what I had and had not accomplished during the internship. Then, since there was nothing else to do, I went home early and packed.

Tonight was also the evening of the staff party, to celebrate the end of yet another successful season. It was decided that the party would be a potluck after plans to eat at a local restaurant fell through. I had nothing to offer but chips and salsa, and unfortunately my coworker and I were so late that people were ready for the main course and the chips were hardly touched. Oh well. At least everyone else cooked some great food. There was a delicious apple salad, and an amazing chicken and potatoes dish baked in a dutch oven. It was a nice, communal way to say goodbye to everyone.

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow I'll be leaving for good. I'm ready to go back to California, though. I miss my home.