November 1st, 2013

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2013 New Year's Resolutions: November Update

2013 New Year's Resolutions: November Update

Can you believe that it's already November?  I feel so unfinished with my resolutions.  A little freaked out, to be honest.  Man, I'll have to get my act together in the next two months if I have any hopes of crossing some of these things off!  

Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
Down from 132 to 129.
I really didn't make the progress I hoped while I was in Utah, but let's be honest, there was a lot of traveling going on in October!  But considering I'd have to be pushing out four entries a day to finish things by the end of the year, I'm pretty sure this resolution will not be finished, especially if I continue pushing on #2-

Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
Up from 30 (two months ago) to 35.  So basically, if I can push myself to do a review every single day for the rest of the year, I should be able to cross this one off.  That seems doable.

Covert my old bedroom at my parents' into a studio.

Find a “for reals” job.

Ha ha, no really.  Find a real job.
I'm applying to jobs all over the country (but of course, focusing on leads in the Bay Area) so hopefully something will turn up.  At least RHA will take me back so I won't be completely idle when I get back to San Jose.  Nothing looks worse on a resume than unemployment.

Draw or create something every day. Draw or create something at least weekly.
You know, I've been so bad about this that if I can finish two more paintings by the end of the year, I'll consider this done.  Talk about pathetically dropping standards.

Exercise 60 minutes a week; by the end of year expand this to 210 minutes a week.
Only two more months to integrate exercise into my daily routine.

Cook at least three meals a week.
I was doing this when I was in Boulder, so the real challenge will be to keep it up now that I'm back in San Jose.  As much as Seanie and I love to eat out, we have to stop.  It's terrible for our budget.

Travel somewhere new – preferably overseas.
Chicago and Alaska and Utah and next week, NEW YORK CITY!

Do one thing completely new.
Oil painting.

Do something else completely new.

Do something else completely new.
Living on my own without family or roommates.

Do something else completely new.
I attended my first professional conference when I went to the WMA/UMA Annual Conference in Salt Lake City.  Networking is a pain, but I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit.

Do something else completely new.
I drove all the way back to San Jose from St. George in a single day, but really, I've just become much more comfortable with driving long distances.  I still can't parallel park for shit, though.  Maybe that should have been a resolution.

Do something else completely new.
I've got two more months...surely that's time enough for something else!