November 16th, 2013

makaiju - tee-hee.  orisinalee.

Well, at least one guy missed me!

It's my first official day back at RHA, and it's been...interesting. I was gone for three months, but the vast majority of the residents never noticed. I spoke to several people that I thought knew I was away for my internship, but I guess that it really didn't register.

One resident, though, was really excited that I was back. He plays tennis every morning on the weekends, so I usually see him and say hello at the beginning of my shift. I came breezing by his tennis court on my way to make coffee, and we had this exchange:

Me: Hi! '
Resident: YOU'RE BACK!!!
Me: I'm back! How's it going?
Resident: It's GREAT now that I have TWO SUZIES in my life again!

I should probably clarify that his wife is also named Suzi.

It was adorable.