November 27th, 2013

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Sometimes my brother just has the worst luck!

He parked his car last night on the street when he spent the night at his current girlfriend's place.  When he came out this morning, his tire was leaning in toward the center of the car because some anonymous driver hit his car sometime in the night and snapped the axle.  A police report was left with the car, so at least the cops (presumably) know the guilty party.

The car was towed to a body shop in downtown San Jose, where it will sit until an insurance adjustor can come out and decide whether the car should be totaled or repaired.  The mechanic I spoke to thought the car was a goner, but since it's the day before Thanksgiving I'm sure no one will even look at it until next week.  Why was I involved, you may well ask?  Well, my brother was (understandably) pretty shaken up by the whole procedure, so he got a ride home from the body shop and a few hours later, I went with my Mom to retrieve my brother's things.  His car was crammed with papers, food, textbooks, and clothes.  It took us at least half an hour, maybe longer, to get everything out and into boxes or bags so that Mom could take it home.  I didn't know so much stuff could fit into a little compact car.  It was a little impressive, to be honest.  Also a little scary.

Mom has suggested that I sell my brother Amadeus and buy a new car (with a little help from her and dad to make up the difference) so that is under consideration.  I mean, I like my car and don't feel a strong need to replace it, especially since I park on a busy street and a new car parked out there just seems to be begging for a hit and run incident like the one my brother just experienced.