December 13th, 2013

piranha - pop hat.

Ipsy: December 2013

photo 1

"Celebration"?  A suitable holiday theme, although after looking at this card I shall be quite disappointed if some form of mustache doesn't appear in the bag.  I really don't know what to expect, though - anything could be in this bag.  Well, except dull brown nail polish.  No one would put dirt-colored items in something festive.


Initially, the physical bag for this month seemed a bit boring.  Black pebbly texture? Eh.  But it is a style of bag I like with the zipper on the side instead of across the top, and this is infinitely better than cheetah.  It's growing on me.  But still, this is definitely a style more in line with Jeannie's tastes than mine.  (We opened our Ipsy bags together because we are just that dorky.)

photo 4

This wasn't one of Ipsy's strongest bags.  There were five items total, some from brands that have become quite familiar.

POP Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio in Naturally Bare - At first, I thought this was a palette of neutrals and I thought, "Ugh, how boring!"  But when I tested the colors on my skin, I found that it was a trio of gold metallics, which is much more fun and interesting.  I was a little jealous that Jeans got a different set of silvery colors, but realistically this set is better for me because I tend to wear a lot of green eye color, and gold compliments it better than silver.  The full-sized "Naturally Bare" palette contains ten shadows and costs $24.00, so I'm going to assign this a value of $7.20.  There was a POP Beauty lip crayon in the July bag.

English Laundry Signature Fragrances - There are two perfume samples in the red envelope: English Laundry Signature Pour Homme and Pour Femme.  I didn't like either of them.  The fragrances are fresh and clean, with a whiff of spicy cedarwood under a strong bergamot note.  The women's blend is pretty similar to the men's scent, but it has an extra floral note.  Once upon a time I could have identified it, but my fragrances skills have grown rusty.  Geranium, maybe?  No idea how to value these.  I don't think anyone ever pays for perfume samples - they're just freebies that get tossed in with your purchase at cosmetics stores!  I notice that on their website, English Laundry charges $9.00 for a vial of their English Rose, so I guess I'll value this duo at $9.00, too.

Be A Bombshell The One Stick in Flustered - The One Stick can be used one eyelids, cheeks and lips.  I can't say that I find this reddish pink an appealing choice for the eyes, but it will be OK for lips and blush (it seems to blend decently on my hand).  I actually received a orangish color called "Sunset" in my bag, but Jeans was kind enough to trade with me.  This sells for $16.00.  There was a Be A Bombshell lip crayon in last month's bag, and a blush in the April bag.  I'm not crazy about getting the same brand twice in a row, but I did really love that lip crayon last month so maybe all is forgiven.

J. Cat Beauty Lip Pencil in Caramel Mocha - This is like a dark nude.  I don't think it'll look good on me.  Bummer, because I do like lip stuff.  If only it was a pinkish color instead.  $3.99.  There were two J. Cat Beauty items in the June bag.

Starrily Nail Polish in Bzzz Bzzz - I very rarely use glitter polishes because they are an incredible pain to remove, but I often admire the effect they have as an accent on a good manicure.  There's a good mix of black and gold glitter here that does, thanks to several honeycomb-shaped pieces, make me think of bumblebees.  It might look pretty good on a golden base.  Mini bottle is $5.00.

photo 5
A closer picture so you can see the detail of the glitter in Bzzz Bzzz.  The polish itself is clear.

Not my favorite bag, to be sure.  The colors were all off for my skintone, which seems weird because Ipsy's last couple of bags seemed to have finally figured that out.  But I was able to trade one unfortunate color with Jeans; maybe I can find some other people to swap away the lip pencil and the perfumes.  This bag theoretically values at around $40, but I'd put it closer to $30 because, again, no one ever pays for perfume samples of this size.


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