January 6th, 2014

kid - because i can bitch!

Seanie and CES

'Tis the week of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and that means Seanie's going crazy.  It's the biggest event in his field, and every member of his team is stretched thin as they struggle to cover every major event at the show.

Seanie didn't go to Las Vegas for the convention this year.  This is both good and bad.  He misses out on the chance to make more contacts, widen his network, and hang out with his coworkers - but Seanie also isn't trapped in a trailer all day and night tapping up articles on his laptop.  Instead, he's stuck in his office!  Oh, the comforts of home...

It was a near thing, though.  Initially, he was asked to stay home because the blog does need some people to cover hours impossible for the staff in Las Vegas.  But on Friday evening, he got an e-mail asking if he could fly out to Las Vegas the next day.  The storm that hit the East Coast was causing complications for several of his coworkers, the majority of whom were flying from New York City.  But when he called his supervisor to ask for details, he was basically told to wait and see - but maybe they would want him to fly in Saturday night for the show.

Ultimately, enough of his coworkers were able to make it out to Vegas so he didn't need to join them.  Like I said, it's both good and bad, but given that he's still recovering from a nasty cold it's just as well that he doesn't have to travel to that high-stress environment.