January 10th, 2014

kid - shuu-chan.

Disney Animated Classic Movie Challenge: What next?

With the viewing of Pocahontas, I finally finished my project to watch all of the Disney Animation Studios feature films.  It was quite the experience!  The project was originally conceived in 2010, and I figured it would take about a year to get through forty-nine movies.  HA!  It took until the final hours of 2013 to watch the entire list, which in the meantime had expanded to fifty-three films.  There were a variety of reasons for the exceptional delay, ranging from being too busy with school to the difficulty in tracking down copies of the movies.

Over the years, I dare say my posts became quite bloated.  Movies watched early on averaged around 600-800 words, but more recently viewed films stretched to 900, 1000, and a whoppin' 2000 words. Just think, by the time Moana hits theaters I'll be ranting away at 5000 words per movie!  Do I have stronger opinions about the films, or does the lack of academic writing post-graduation mean that the films have become an exercise in critical analysis instead of an escape from doing so?

(Side note: I should check if my fashion_piranha book reviews have similarly swelled in length.)

Now that I've reached this milestone, I've got a few more posts to throw together before I'm finished.  I think I'll do some lists: Best 5 Films, Worst 5 Films, Best 5 Minutes of Animation, Best Songs.  And then I'll have to decide which direction I'd like to move next:

1 - Disney sequels.  These direct-to-video sequels to Disney's movies were made by subsidiary animation studios owned by Disney, and are marked by notable drops in quality, both in animation and in story.  I know they'll be terrible, so I'm not sure that I want to watch them, but it'd be a natural project to follow this one.
2 - Pixar movies.  Pixar would be interesting because there are several movies I haven't seen since their theatrical release, like Up! and Toy Story 3, and it would be interesting to compare my thoughts back then with my opinion on re-watching.
3 - Disney live action.  There are a lot of classic Disney live action movies from the 1950s-1970s that I haven't seen, like Treasure Island and The Sign of Zorro and until very recently, Mary Poppins.  It would be interesting to compare the growth of the movie studios with the animation studios.  But there are so many more live action films that it would probably take me a decade to see them all!