January 29th, 2014

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Busy day at two jobs!

Today was a second training day at Project Los Altos.  Or, it tried to be, but so few people came in that I spent most of my shift either reading about the featured artists and the works on display or watching pedestrians walk up and down the street.  My boss had originally meant to spend most of the day with me, going over the details of the job, but we had a gallery assistant call out sick so he had to leave me on my own.  It wasn't too bad, though.  My job was to send people on their lunch breaks, which meant spending an hour in one building and then walking down the street to the next one to relieve the next person.  Moving around and getting to see new things made the day move a little faster.

After I finished up in Los Altos, I came straight back to RHA to work a shift there.  At the beginning of the month, the CEO at RHA asked if I could start taking minutes at the monthly Board meetings.  I figured I might as well take the hours being offered.  The meeting ran pretty smoothly, for the most part; I was able to keep up and hopefully my summaries of the main discussion points will meet the approval of the Board President.

There is one Director who always seems to be at odds with the others.  I think his position is that he should take the side of homeowners against an dictatorial Board,which results in protracted debates where he argues that such-and-such should happen but for one procedural reason or another, the President says it can't be done.  It doesn't turn rancorous or devolve into shouting, but the extra time really adds up.  I was hoping to be in and out within an hour, and that certainly didn't happen.  But at least there weren't an contentious issues that would have stretched the meeting out 'til 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm.

It's been a pretty hectic week so far.  My boss at RHA has been out taking care of her father, who was in the hospital, so I worked for her on Monday after my normal weekend shifts.  I'll be working for her on Friday as well.  Throw in today's evening shift, my classes at DeAnza, and the gallery assistant position and there just doesn't seem to be enough time to go around!

Which means our house looks absolutely disgusting.  Seanie had a friend over on Saturday and it was so embarrassing because there was junk and garbage everywhere.  Hopefully I'll get a day off next week that I can spend cleaning up.