April 8th, 2014

piranha - you don't bring me anything bu

Spring Quarter, Day Two

First, the good news: my chemistry teacher showed up.  He was over twenty minutes late, but he did show up.  His excuse for not being in class yesterday was that De Anza didn't tell him what time his classes were meeting this quarter.  Seriously?  I feel like there must be a database where teachers can look that information up.  But whatever.  He's here, so we can get our chemistry on.

I had planned to take a Native American Art class this quarter, but now I'm seriously second-guessing this decision.  The teacher teaches to the lowest intelligence level, so the class feels incredibly shallow.  She told the class that the textbook "sucks" and is "boring as hell", but we have to use it because it's the only one available.  She said something to the effect of, "It's too hard for you, but try to understand it as best you can."  Dude.  First of all, have faith in your students.  They might surprise you!  But if you tell them they can't understand it, they won't even try.  Second, if the book is that bad don't use it.  Just give us good lectures and links to articles like a real college professor.  She constantly sidetracked herself with very random stories about her life, which I'm sure is nice and all but had nothing to do with the subject.  I'll go back on Thursday, but the class feels like a waste of time.

Luckily, my History of Cinema class is fascinating.  I enjoy movies quite a bit, but I don't actually know much about them.  I'm hoping this class will help me understand how a movie is made as well as provide the context for their historic evolution.  It's a really long class, because we watch multiple movie clips each time, but the teacher seems very knowledgeable and fun.