April 9th, 2014

piranha - you don't bring me anything bu

Dude, WTH?

In my last ceramics class, the teacher taught us how to make a cutting tool.  It's pretty straightforward - use the wheel to spin some fishing line into a really tight twist, and then tie washers on the end of the line on both sides. Voila!  Instant cutting tool that will create grooves on the base of the ceramic piece so that it will dry more evenly.

I could swear that I put my cutting tool in my clay bucket, but it was missing today.  I looked all over for it - in my backpack, in my tool bag, and in the studio's lost and found.  Nothing.  It's gone.   (Did someone take it?  Why?  We all made these things on Monday!) And since the class is currently overcrowded, the wheels were all taken so I couldn't even make a replacement today.

On the plus side, I was able to finish glazing all my remaining pieces.  So that's one good thing.