May 10th, 2014

piranha - obviously everything is fine.

Returning to my teenage mall rat youth for a day

MAC may not have had the cosmetics I wanted, but it had a giant inflatable giraffe!

Today Kero and I went to the mall.  There was nothing super urgent that we needed to buy, but MAC had a new line for the movie Maleficent and we wanted to check it out.  Plus, Kero had some clothes to drop off at Uniqlo for alteration.  We figured it'd be a quick little trip, maybe an hour, two tops.

Somehow, the excursion turned into an all day event.  We got sucked into the mall rat spirit and spent the day browsing through the clothes stores, trying on outfits.  I ended up buying a wide-brimmed black felt hat because I needed such a thing in my wardrobe desperately and anyway, it looked great with my Batman leggings, go figure.   Sampling tea, debating the merits of the different offerings in the food court, crossing the street to Santana Row to check out the sale racks at Anthropologie, and suddenly it was late afternoon.  I can't remember the last time I spent so much time at the mall without an urgent mission, like Christmas shopping, or because I was working a shift at one of the stores.  It was so weird.

It was also nice.  I guess it's the eager beaver consumer in me, but it was so much fun to just look at everything and imagine all these amazing things in my home, on my person, in my life.  I rely on the Internet so much for shopping now that I forget that the act of seeking out objects in real time, real space is a pleasure, too.