July 3rd, 2014

piranha - love me some lollipops.

Everything is awesome on vacation...or not.

Seanie and I managed to get a couple of days off together for the 4th of July weekend, so we thought it might be nice to head up to Oregon for a few days.  Specifically, we wanted to check out Crater Lake, since we've never been, and then maybe catch a play or two in Ashland on our way home.

Leave the Bay Area was a bit of a disaster.  Traffic was awful.  It felt like it took nearly as long to get out of the San Francisco area as it did to get the rest of the way to Oregon.  Of course, that's not true. I'm just saying that if we had been racing snails down the highway, the snails would have beat us, hands down.

But eventually we got out of the traffic snarl and made it to our little Super 8 Motel in Klamath Falls.  It's not bad!  We even managed to find dinner at a cute little diner that served amazing cinnamon apple and brie waffles.  OMG.  How did I never think of this glorious combination before now?  And yes, waffles are totally a valid dinner if you're going hiking in a national park the next day.  Yum.