July 22nd, 2014

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Ipsy: July 2014


"Sensationally Sunkissed"

Sensationally sunkissed, eh?  That means sun products.  Tanning lotion?  Sunscreen?  (No, just got sunscreen in the May bag.)  Maybe a bronzer?  I wish Ipsy could somehow cram a giant floppy hat into one of these bags - that would be truly awesome!

This month's bag is hideous.  It looks like an enormous neon pink ravioli made with cheap pleather.  Usually, if a bag doesn't strike my fancy I just shrug it off, but this one is truly a poor design.  But you know, there's probably someone out there who loves it.

BAREMINERALS 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in "Divine Wine": When I first saw this, I wasn't too excited, because a boring neutral eyeshadow is, well, boring.  But I reminded myself that I do love bareMinerals products, and I decided to give this a shot.  It turns out that "Divine Wine" is a soft light brown, and on me it adds a nice, subtle bit of color to my eyes that works well with my red glasses.  The formula is incredibly creamy, so all I have to do is dot a bit of eyeshadow at the center of my lid and finger smudge it on the rest of the way.  Quick, easy, and looks decent.  I'm actually quite thrilled!  $6.00.

HANGTEN Dark Tanning Oil:I don't tan, so this is useless.  Only SPF 8?  I'll toss this in the trading pile and see if I can find someone to take it.  $2.00.

LAVILIN Jojoba Skin Soother Gel Cream: This skin cream is meant to soothe the skin after it's been burned, possibly because you've gone and used a tanning oil with only SPF 8.  This is actually pretty useful, since my husband always comes home with a burn after a day outside, no matter how diligently he applies sunscreen.  $3.15.

BENEFIT  They're Real Beyond Mascara: Gosh, I know Ipsy really really really wants me to fall in love with a new mascara, but I just can't keep up with all the tubes they send me.  I have heard that this particular brand is pretty amazing for adding volume and length, so I guess that I'm excited to try it.  I'm just a little overwhelmed on lash enhancers at present.  $7.66.

ELIZABETH MOTT Tints & Sass Lip and Cheek Stain in "Cherry": Speaking of mascaras, I LOVE the one made by Elizabeth Mott, which makes me curious about this cheek stain.  (It's full-sized, by the way - sweet!)  My face could use a little color enhancement after my recent illness, so I'm glad that this was in the bag. $22.99.


So for all my whinging at the beginning of this post, this was actually a pretty decent bag.  Yeah, I have no use for tanning oil and I think the pink bag's a fashion mistake, but there was some stuff that I am glad to discover, like the eyeshadow and the cheek stain.  Good job, Ipsy.  You always win me over in the end.