August 5th, 2014

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2014 New Year’s Resolutions: August Update

2014 New Year’s Resolutions: August Update

Really, really haven't been working on these.  Why do I even bother to make resolutions?

Ride a bike.
No progress to report.

Put hair in a bun that stays all day.
No progress to report.

Get published.
No progress to report.

Be able to hold a ten minute conversation in Spanish.
No progress to report.

Complete 12 paintings.
No progress to report.

Travel somewhere new.
Crater Lake National Park in Oregon?
That was just a weekend trip so I'm not sure that it counts.

Exercise 60 minutes a week; by the end of year expand this to 210 minutes a week.
I've been using the treadmill that Seanie bought more frequently - probably every other day or so - for about half an hour at a time.  Just power-walking, though.  I lack the endurance for running more than two or three minutes at a time.

Get a job!
Hired by the SFMOMA.
But that position was temporary.

Get a job!
Well, I got the bookstore job, but it's only part-time and I'm supposed to be aiming for a museum position so I'm not sure that it counts.

Take some f*cking Chemistry.
Finished CHEM 50, and registered for another Chemistry class in the fall.

Sew a dress.
No progress to report.

Eliminate the backlog of “to be posted” blog entries.
Up from 182 to 183.
At least it's only a minor increase?

Eliminate my backlog of books for review.
Down from 35 to 32.
I wish that this was more of a decrease, though...

Do something new.

Do something else new.
Nothing to report, although I've found a ceramic studio in Los Gatos that I intend to investigate. Since both of my jobs are in that town, Los Gatos now seems like a better location than the studio in downtown San Jose.