August 7th, 2014

piranha - pop hat.

Lucky day on eBay!

A couple of days ago, I put a lot of manga up on eBay.  It's one of several I've got listed, books that I've been hoarding for years, too lazy to get around to selling until recently.  It was for Boys Over Flowers, a manga series that I remember being very popular about ten years back, but due to the length of the series (36 volumes plus a standalone sequel) it's gone out of print.

Some of the early volumes sell for quite a bit of money individually, so I hoped to get between $350-$400 on the books.  (The lot would have retailed new at $369.63, for comparison's sake.)  I decided to list the books at $475.00, because I was doing a Buy It Now listing instead of an auction.  Buy It Now has an option for buyers to make an offer, and on several auctions I've ended up accepting a price 15-20% lower than the original listing amount.  I figured the same thing would likely happen with Boys Over Flowers, thus the inflated price tag.

Yesterday I got an offer of $175.00 for the lot.  I laughed and replied with a counter-offer of $425.  No response.

This afternoon, someone bought the entire lot at the listed price.  Sweet!  I was really surprised, because there were cheaper lots for the same books available, but when I looked over the buyer's invoice I quickly figured out why she bought from me.  The buyer is located in Canada, and most of the other listings won't ship out of the United States because of the high shipping costs - but I figure if a buyer wants to spend $80+ on shipping, I'll send the books wherever they live!

But I'm really surprised by how quickly Boys Over Flowers sold!  I've had other manga lots sit for months and months with little interest, but I guess I got really lucky with this one.

Money's gonna go straight into paying for my De Anza tuition so, assuming I don't end up with a buyer who is trying to scam me, everything is working out pretty well today.