September 23rd, 2014

sgt frog - kululu ku ku ku

But yes, it did turn out rather nicely.

So on Friday, my boss asked me to do something with our window for Banned Book Week.

"Sure," I say, because I love dreaming up visual displays.  Unfortunately, that particular day was very busy due to a downtown "Wine Walk" event, so I don't have a chance to do anything but strip down the old display.  The window was basically empty.  It looked terrible.

I came in the next day for my shift, figuring I'd finish the window that afternoon.  As we're switching out, my coworker Buddy and I have the following conversation:

Buddy: Hey, have you met Cindy?
Me: Cindy who?
Buddy: The new employee.
Me: ...I didn't even know we had a new hire.  When did she start?
Buddy: I don't know, [Boss] said that she'd be doing the windows.
Me: ...are you sure that she didn't say 'Suzi'?  Because when I talked to her last night, I was doing the windows.
Buddy: No, she definitely said Cindy.
Me: ...
Buddy: I'm sure of it.
Me: Ok.

So I don't touch the windows.

I popped into the store on Sunday to pick up a roll of red paper that I needed for an art project.  I notice the window hasn't been touched.  Steve, the husband boss, is at the register.

Me:, do you want me to come in tonight and finish the window?
Steve: Yes!  We don't have anyone else to do it.
Me: ...

I come in after hours, I do a pretty bang-up job getting the window looking awesome, I go home to bed.

The next day, when I arrive to set up for the Hobbit Day party, Buddy and I have the following conversation:

Buddy: Have you seen the window?
Me: Yes, I-
Buddy: Cindy did an amazing job!
Me: Thanks.  That was me. Suzi.
Buddy:  What happened to Cindy?
Me: **Headdesk**

But yes, it did turn out pretty well, I think.