September 25th, 2014


Classes for Fall Quarter

I'm really not into school this quarter, but since I have to take something here's what I'm signed up for:
Chemistry.  The only reason I'm even in school anymore.  I have to wake up super early for this one - it's a 7:30 class.  UGH.
History of Cinema 1950-Present.  I liked my previous film history class, so I thought I'd take the second half of the survey class and see how it goes.
History of Animation.  This just sounds fun.  Disney doesn't get too much attention in this class, but that's fine with me - I'm already familiar with them, after all.  But who else was a pioneer of animation?  With this class, I hope to find out.
Gallery Exhibit Design.  This one just looked cool.  I'm actually really excited about this class.  Should be useful info that might even help me with my career.  Win.