October 29th, 2014

now - eye see you.

One midterm down, another to follow.

Today was the midtern in my History of Animation class.  It went...OK.  I didn't really study for it, because we have no textbook and I have very few notes, but the teacher grades on a very generous curve so I probably ended up with an A even though I missed a bunch of questions.

After the exam, he told us the answers.  "Why leave you wondering for a whole week?" he said.  Nice guy.  Then, because it's only a few days 'til Halloween, he showed us a bunch of macabre cartoons from around the world.  They ranged from bizarre (a Japanese cartoon about a man who has a plant growing out of his head) to freaky (a strange short about a man tormented by a harpy) but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Now to study.  There's another midterm tomorrow, this time in the History of Film Post-WWII class.