February 4th, 2015

piranha - rainbow.

Reading Rainbow Rewards!

Some of the rewards from the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign arrived yesterday.  In addition to the magnet and the bookmarks that you can see poking over the top of the cup, Seanie and I each picked out our own personal reward.  The choices included mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts in a variety of designs.

I chose the mug.  I thought that the pixel design was cute and the way it wrapped around the mug was a great way to showcase it.  Plus, a mug seemed more durable than a tote bag, which would get dirty the first time I used it to buy groceries, or a t-shirt, which would probably wear out pretty quickly.

Seanie definitely wanted a t-shirt, so he picked out one that has the Reading Rainbow logo as if it were drawn by kids.  It's pretty cute.  When I saw the shirt, part of me wished I'd ordered that instead of the mug, but it's OK.  I have lots of shirts (and lots of mugs, if I'm being honest) but this one is really nice.