February 19th, 2015

disney - ariel facepalm

Phone interviews are the worst!

Just got off the phone from someone at Big DotCom, not sure how it went.

I mean, it probably didn't go terribly, because she didn't call the interview to a halt after ten minutes and announce, "Nope, you will not be a good fit for us" but I also didn't get a job offer at the end so...toss-up.

I usually do really well in in-person interviews, where I can read the person's reactions, but on the phone it's really hard.  Their voice is distorted so I can't fully gauge how genuine their "Yes, that sounds good" really is.  I can't see facial reactions so it's harder to tell when a comment needs to be clarified. The interviewer said she was taking notes - does that mean the awkward pause at the end of my answer is due to her typing or is she trying to figure out what I said? I CAN'T TELL!!!

But I should be hearing sometime next week whether I will be moving on or if I've been eliminated from the candidate pool.  I"ll get a call from the recruiter for the next step.  (She called ten minutes after the interview ended so she's really on top of things, at least!)


Odd thing: I was told to expect a video interview, so I was nervous.  Cleared out a space on the dining room table so I could have my bookshelves in the background, instead of a pile of laundry, and I dressed up nicely so I'd be decent-looking on the webcam.  Didn't matter.  But maybe I would have given lazy answers on the phone if I was wearing pajamas, so it all works out in the end.