May 19th, 2015

piranha - blowing smoke.

Answer for question 4372.

Are you scared of the dark? How do you combat this fear when you have to function in the dark?
While I'm not scared of the dark in and of itself, when night falls I can get very jumpy and paranoid, depending on how I've been entertaining myself during the previous few days.

For example, I am slightly addicted to murder forensic shows like "Forensic Files", and if I've just marathon-watched several of them I'm likely to be very jumpy and extra paranoid about locking the doors to the house and securing windows and other potential entrance spots. It amuses my husband, who doesn't understand why I watch such gristly shows in the first place.

Alternatively, if I've been reading ghost stories that claim to be real events that happened to actual people, I will become extremely nervous about turning my head toward a shadowy room lest a spirit materialize in the doorway. Or if I start to return to consciousness after sleeping before I've opened my eyes, and ghosts still linger in the corners of my mind, I will have to concentrate hard to force my eyes open, so full of fear will I be that a specter will be looming over my slumbering form. If it's dark and I'm in the middle of a particularly spine-tingling tale, I'll even be convinced that I can feel invisible eyes watching me.

The classic scare that amuses my husband to no end is that whenever I watch a documentary about a serial killer like the Zodiac or Jack the Ripper - one who was never caught, in other words - I become jumpy, half-convinced that the serial killer is still around, even if he hasn't been active in over one hundred years. It doesn't take much.

These silly fears are what the dark enables. I'm not scared of the darkness itself, but in it all sorts of stupid ideas can run free.

Of course, the best thing to combat any fears that manifest is the knowledge that failure to carry on with my regular routine will result in many hoots and howls of laughter from my husband, who finds my silliness entertaining.