June 6th, 2015

now - screaming infidelities.

Tidy-up the office!

For the past two years or so - no, perhaps longer, perhaps ever since I moved into the duplex - I've been lazy about filing papers. First, I threw them into a plastic inbox tray on my desk in the office. Then that started to overflow so I just threw new papers onto a pile. Then I got a large shipment of books and stacked them on the desk too. Soon the desk was unable to function as a writing desk, so I started piling clothes on the desk chair and Seanie started storing boxes in the area around my desk. I started stacking books around the shipping boxes, and always continued to throw new pay stubs, invoices, birthday cards, stationery, and other papers onto the pile on my desk. For the past year or so, that entire area has been nearly inaccessible, and unorganized as hell.

So today I devoted myself to sorting it out. I set myself to organizing all the massive piles of paper, and two or three bags of shredded paper materials went out to the recycling bin. I broke down all of the shipping boxes so that they could be stored flat until Seanie needs them to mail review units back to the companies that sent them. I weeded out some books, shoved clothes into the closet, and threw away broken pens and empty rolls of tape. Photographs and birthday cards were filed away; if I ever think of something to do with these things, I'll now know where to find them.

It seemed like such a monumental task, but it only took 5-6 hours, which really wasn't that bad, all things considered. I once again have a desk that I can sit at (although the space for legs is completely full of art supplies so there's plenty of work left to be done) with a clear space for writing letters or typing on my laptop.

Seanie's happy because the area looks so much better. I think it's sparked his cleaning bug, though, so more tidying projects will be coming in the near future.