June 10th, 2015

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Ipsy: June 2015


Salt in the air, sand in our hair.  Cue the lifeguards because summer will be 5 times the fun when you dive into these beauty must-haves for June.

It's summer, and that means it's time for waterproof make-up and fake tanning creams.  I hope I don't get anything for tanning, but some sunscreen would be OK.  What else?  Probably something "salty" like a salt scrub, or a hairspray with salt in it to add volume.  Can't really think what else would be suitable for the theme, except maybe some product scented with coconut.

The black ipsy bag has a curious texture - almost rubbery?  No, that word isn't correct.  It has a satin texture but recalls something super-synthetic, like the material they use to make wetsuits.  Not the most exciting bag, with the word "ipsy" liberally sprinkled all over the place.

BEFINE Cucumber Face Mask: Cucumber is supposed to be great for soothing red, inflamed skin.  There were no ingredients listed on the package, and when I went to the BeFine website they didn't post it, either.  I finally found the ingredients on the Ipsy website, but I don't always trust those because they might be out-of-date or no longer accurate.  Travel size. $6.25

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer: I've used this before.  It's great stuff!  It goes on esaily and really helps foundation coverage appear smoother.  It also seems to extend the life of my foundation, too.  Deluxe sample. $9.00

FORMULA X Nail Color in "Power Source": Power Source is a bright hot pink polish leaning toward coral - but not so far into the coral spectrum that I find it unwearable.  Good solid toenail color. Trial size. $3.50

TRESTIQUE Mini Shadow Crayon in "Marimoto Pink Pearl": On the skin, there isn't anything pink about this shadow.  It's a light shimmer that leans towards a bronzer, but it's mostly just shimmer.  A great neutral shade for days when you don't want to bother with makeup at all.  It glides on quickly, smoothly, and seems to have decent staying power.  Travel size. $10.66

GLAMIERRE Flat Top Concealer Brush: Slowly but steadily, Ipsy is replacing all of my make-up brushes.  That's a good thing -I'm too lazy to do it on my own, so if they weren't taking care of it I wouldn't think to do it. $12.95


Ipsy is a subscription service that sends a cosmetics bag filled with 4-5 products every month. It's $10 per month (plus tax). If you'd like to sign up or learn more, please consider using my referral link: