June 14th, 2015

piranha - a wicked shade of pale.

Seanie's new house project

Seanie got it into his head yesterday afternoon that the long-gestating plans to move the furniture and reconfigure the layout of our room needed to be implemented now, so while I was at work he started emptying shelves and pushing chairs and tables and couches around.

When I got home last night the house was in chaos. It was a little sad, because I'd just managed to tidy-up my end of the office last Saturday and now it was throne into mess-mode again, but Seanie's need to rearrange furniture has become nearly pathological because he feels so cramped and trapped in the cramped conditions of what we had before.

So he's moving the entertainment center to a new wall, facing the couch towards the inside of the house instead of the other half of the duplex, and taking out a desk he installed in 2013 so that the dining table can be moved parallel to the front window instead of perpendicular. All the stuff piled on the surfaces will (hopefully) be pared down and de-cluttered. The new layout should create a larger central space in the room, he says, but I haven't seen the measurements. In his mental space, it works, and that's fine with me.

I wish he'd taken pictures of the old set-up so we could compare the results, and see if it's really as different as we think it is, but too late now. We're pretty terrible about documenting the changes we make to the house, though I think we'd be a lot more vigilant about it if we actually owned the building instead of renting it.

Oh well. I'm at the office today, while Seanie fiddles around with the layout, but I'll help sort and put things away when I get home tonight.