June 18th, 2015


It's bad news, but is it?

Today my husband was officially informed that he was being let go.

We've known for a couple of days that this was coming, but it was still hard for him to hear.

It's hard to see it as a bad development, other than the ego-bruising.  He really didn't like his job, which was stressing him out and leaving him frustrated.  Now he can devote himself to finding a new direction in life.  We're not so hard up for cash that we can't get by for a couple of months on the contents of his checking account and what I make, so long as we rein in our spending.

So I don't see it as a problem as long as it doesn't slip into long-term unemployment, which I know it won't because Seanie's not so proud that he wouldn't take a lower-paying job if it was necessary for us.  So I'm not too worried.