June 27th, 2015

piranha - pop hat.

A pregnant woman? WHERE??

A resident I haven't seen in a long time comes into the office. Although she's one I know quite well, I almost don't recognize her at first. She had a brain tumor and she's aged a decade in just a few months.

Still, what she says next throws me for a loop.

Resident: I hear you're pregnant.
Me: What? No! At least, no one's told ME that I am.

She laughed.

Resident: But [her husband] said he heard it from one of the tennis guys...
Me: Those tennis players, they gossip like old women. No buns in the oven, I'm afraid.

She looked a little disappointed. Seeing her in her current weakened state, after years of seeing her as a tornado of energy and high-flying Italian emotion, was sad. She used to be around all the time, but I haven't seen her in months because of the illness. The fact that she left the house and came all the way down to see me, just to see if the rumor was true, almost made me wish I could have told her I was pregnant, because I know it would have made her smile.

Almost. Which tennis player is spreading this rumor? I'd better squash that little story before it gets too far. As generous as I know RHA residents would be at the news of a baby, no doubt bringing me cute little onesies and probably chipping in for a stroller or a bassinet, I'm not ready for THAT stage of my life to begin.