August 11th, 2015

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Ipsy: August 2015


August's bag is houndstooth.  Who knew?  I associate the pattern with autumn coats, so August seems a bit early to be busting it out.  We're still in summer, right?  A school theme would better suit September...

Oh well, since it's here, let's see what we got!

OFRA COSMETICS Lip Liner in Wine: This is so dark it looks more brown than deep red.  Lip liner is a product I don't use very often, but I should - feathering has been a problem with lipsticks because  my lips are more dry. I'll try to remember to work this into my routine when I use a matching lipstick shade. Full size.  $13.00

MARC ANTHONY Nourishing Argan Oil of Moracco: An oil treatment meant to strengthen hair and tame frizz.  Don't all oils promise to do that?  Anyway, you only use a couple of drops at a time so even though the bottle is only 0.7 oz, it should last for a long time.  Travel size.  $4.00

LA FRESH Good Night, Night Cream: Back in January, I got a sample of this company's day cream.  I remember it was pretty good - not too heavy, but moisturizing enough that my skin still felt soft hours after application. I look forward to trying the night cream and seeing if it's equally effective.  Sample. $12.00

BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Lipstick in P.I.N.K.: Pink lipstick?  Yes please!  I love the color - it sits right on the edge of being hot pink, but doesn't cross the line into neon so it's still wearable.  Actually, I'd wear a flourescent shade of pink, too.  But this will look more professional at the office.  Full size.  $19.99

GLAMOUR DOLLS Eyeshadow in Sorcery: I've been getting a lot of gold and bronze metallic products from Ipsy this year.  That isn't too surprising, I suppose.  If you choose to emphasize lots of rich color on the lips, it has to be balanced with a more subdued eye, and a slight metallic shimmer is perfect for that.  Full size.  $3.99

All in all, this is a pretty good bag.  It's a pity that the lip liner and the lipstick are such wildly different shades that they can't be used together - otherwise, I'd be able to put all five products together into a single look.  But I just hate that chola lip look - Latina women with thick, lush lips can pull it off but me?  No way.

Ipsy is a subscription service that sends a cosmetics bag filled with 4-5 products every month. It's $10 per month (plus tax). If you'd like to sign up or learn more, please consider using my referral link: