August 27th, 2015

piranha - study hard.

Bookshopgirl's luck is holding...?

I had pretty much given up on the children’s bookstore job I interviewed for last month. The beginning of August came and went with no word, but I had expected that. When the middle of the month rolled around, I figured I’d better get in touch, so I sent an e-mail. Crickets chirped. I was disappointed – to be left hanging is far worse than to be rejected – but what can you do? I kept applying to other jobs and put the bookstore at the back of my mind.

Then a couple of days ago I got an e-mail asking if I could come in for a “chat”. Not a job offer, but a talk means something might still be in the mix. I thought that perhaps they’d found a Store Manager but wanted to see if I would be interested in working for them as regular bookseller.

Not quite.

They haven’t hired a Store Manager yet, although they had plenty of choices, including some that were, quite honestly, far more qualified than me. One bookseller had over thirty years of bookselling experience – she’s been at longer than I’ve been alive.

And yet – and yet – I still have a chance. The owners like me and think that my enthusiasm and personality would be the best fit with their staff. But they can’t ignore the knowledge gap. There are too many things that I just don’t yet know.

So this is what they’re considering: I come in for a quarter for a “trial” period. Not as the Store Manager, but as some other position they’d have to create. I work for them, full-time, through the holiday season, and learn the ropes. At the end of the quarter, we evaluate where I am. Maybe I get promoted to Store Manager. Maybe we decide it’s not working out for one or both parties. Maybe I get another trial period. We’ll see.

But as I said, this is something they’re considering. They wanted me to come in and discuss if I would be open to this option, since it’s not what I interviewed for. They may still choose to hire one of the candidates so that they can have a full-fledged Store Manager in place for the holidays. They will discuss their options further, and IF they decide to go this route they will let me know the details by Labor Day.

For what it’s worth, I am totally for this plan. I will admit that I was intimidated going straight to Store Manager. The store has so many extra programs: a book subscription box series, book fairs, major author events, and different community participation opportunities that would be a challenge at any time, but learning during the holiday season? It would be brutal. If I can be eased into the position, it would be far less stressful and if I don’t like it, I wouldn’t feel guilty about leaving.

So I wait and I hope to hear good news soon.