February 22nd, 2016

kid - shuu-chan.

Seanie deserves an adventure.

For the last week or so, Seanie and his friend Alexis have been tossing around the idea of bicycling through Japan.  I'm all for it.  Since Seanie doesn't have a full-time job at the moment, only freelance assignments, he has the freedom to take the 1.5-2 months off required to travel across a country.  Such an opportunity is unlikely to come up again in the next few years, so why not go out and have an epic adventure while he can?

Yesterday the two of them bit the bullet and bought their plane tickets, because Seanie found an incredible deal: a round-trip flight between San Jose and Tokyo for $400.  That's an amazing deal.  It'll be expensive, but if Seanie lives frugally while in Japan we won't eat too much of our savings up.  He'll have to buy some equipment, like a bike capable of bearing the weight of his gear, but it won't be a financial hardship.

I will join them at either the beginning or the end of the trip for a week or so, just so I can have a mini-adventure too.  I have to talk to my boss and negotiate the best time to go, but considering I've always wanted to visit Japan I will definitely find a way to make it happen!