February 29th, 2016

kid - i cannot keep it in my  mouth.

Leap day!

Leap day comes just once every four years, which makes the day seem extra special.

One of my co-workers at HB's got married on February 29th, which must have been a relief for her husband.  He only had to remember their anniversary once every four years.

Alas, it was just another typical February day for me.  I went to the bookstore and spent the morning puttering about the office. Every hour or so I'd emerge for a bit and talk to a customer or two before retreating back to my computer screen to research books for upcoming events or answer e-mails or sort through the papers that have piled up in my inbox.

All in all, an utterly typical bookstore day.

When I came home Seanie had dinner bubbling away on the stove.  He made tortellini for us to eat while watching John Oliver, whose latest episode was a scathing indictment of Donald Trump, the blustering buffoon who vomits disrespectful, dishonest, irresponsible words and yet somehow still leads the Republican polls.    He brings nothing but empty boasting and ugliness to the proceedings, and his massive ego simply doesn't strike me as a quality that will allow him to lead a country well. I truly can't understand how the man is even in the race, let along winning primaries.