March 11th, 2016

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Ipsy: March 2016


It's time for another Ipsy update! The March edition of the make-up subscription bag celebrates spring with a coral bag with a rose pattern printed in a turquoise so muted it's practically slate grey. I do like the design; in a different color scheme this would be an incredibly cute pattern for a dress or full circle skirt.

So what's in the bag for spring? Pretty pastels?

PANTENE PRO-V Style Series Airspray Vol.2: I don't use hairspray so straight into the swap pile this goes. Travel size. $2.00?

OFRA COSMETICS Eyeliner in “Green Go”: This pencil is a sparkling metallic olive green. It almost looks like they used an olive green base and then added gold shimmer to get the shiny effect. It's a fun color that I really like. It smears pretty easily, which will be useful for blending but isn't great if I accidentally brush a finger over an eyelid. Full size. $13.00

NYX COSMETICS Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in “Soft Spoken”: Lip stuff! My favorite. This color, a sort of dull pinky-brown, isn't flattering for my skin tone at all so I'll be passing it on. It's too bad. Ipsy was also giving away hot pink and deep red versions of this product this month, and I would have happily used either of those regularly. Full size. $7.00

MELLOW COSMETICS Face Blush in “Bronze”: Sometime in the future – maybe over the summer? - I want to experiment with contouring. I'm sure I won't embrace it at Kardashian levels, but I see it talked about so much that I'm curious if it would make much of a difference in my day to day life. Would the benefit of sculpted features be worth the extra time it takes to paint my face? Full size. $10.00

BEAU GACHIS Eyebrow Brush: I don't do anything with my eyebrows. They're thick enough and dark enough that enhancing them with pencils or powder would make them overwhelming. I bet I could use this brush for eyeliner. It's got a great edge on it. Full size. $13.00

This isn't my favorite Ipsy bag, not by a long shot. The selection of products is good – a tool, a hair item, a face item, a lip thing, and an eye pencil – because it gives you a full look in just one bag. This particular batch of cosmetics didn't appeal to me, but the thoughtfulness of the curation is still something I appreciate.


Ipsy is a subscription service that sends a cosmetics bag filled with 4-5 products every month. It's $10 per month (plus tax). If you'd like to sign up or learn more, please consider using my referral link: