May 8th, 2016

piranha - study hard.

Mike: Bookseller #12: Mystery Packs

I am a sucker for mystery packages.  I mean, why do I have so many subscription boxes?  Because I can't resist the allure of a box with unknown contents appearing magically on my doorstep.

Disney has recently started Lego figures based on their popular animated characters, but instead of selling Peter Pan or Minnie Mouse directly, the figures are only available in mystery packs.  You have no idea which figure you bought until you open the package.  It's an excellent way to ensure people with addictive personalities will spend tons of money trying to complete the set - or at least to find their favorite character.  I haven't bought any yet, but only because I know it is a dark slippery slope to start climbing down.

If only I knew someone like Mike in real life...