August 9th, 2017

piranha - rotting doll.

The escalation of tension between US and North Korea

Some days, I just roll my eyes and laugh in a tired, worn out way. “POTUS said what? How could so many sounds and words fall from his lips yet fail to form coherent sentences?”

Other days, I'm confused and angry. “Where do these ideas come from? How can the other Republicans still listen to this furious ramblings of a sad, tired old man?”

But the last few days, I'm just afraid. We have a man-child who seems dead-set on leading our country into war with a nation led by another baby with no self-control. At some point, if cooler heads don't prevail over tyrants, one of them will snap and launch missiles – probably with nuclear warheads – and then healthcare won't matter so much because we'll all be dead.

First I should clarify that any loss of life due to these two spitting fire and fury at each other would be devastating. Any attack on North or South Korea, Japan, or the United States would be awful. Innocent civilians will be massacred. But I can't help but feel extra nervous because it's possible an attack would hit fairly close to home.

Not to be melodramatic but don't you think Silicon Valley would be a prime target, assuming North Korea has in fact developed weapons that could reach so far? Sure, they would target Guam first since that's one of the closest military bases, and I'm sure most of the firepower would focus on Seoul thanks to proximity and ancient grudges.

But it seems possible that if Kim Jong-un and his advisers want to make a political statement, if they want to strike out at Western culture directly, they might very well turn their attention to California. Silicon Valley drives commerce around the world with its many dot-coms – but drop bombs anywhere in the Bay Area and that could be disrupted. San Francisco, Mountain View, Cupertino, San Jose...all are home to the headquarters of major companies. Looking South, if he wanted to attack American pop culture and our decadent Western lifestyle, Los Angeles would be a perfect target.

Most news reports I've seen don't suggest this area as a primary target. Instead, I've seen suggestions of Seattle, New York City, or (of course) Washington DC. The navy ships in San Diego's harbor seem to be closer to North Korea's sightlines than my hometown. Maybe I'm a little puffed up with my idea of San Jose's importance to the greater world.

And yet...I wonder about it, and if I think about it too long I get a little nervous. I don't stop what I'm doing and I have no plans to change my daily routine, but there's a new little fear niggling at the back of my mind whenever I'm quiet and still enough that it can surface.