April 2nd, 2020

makaiju - tee-hee.  orisinalee.

The unexpected winner of the season

At our bookstore, the one thing that everyone seems to be looking for isn't a new novel, or workbooks for their kids. While those things are in demand, what people really want is puzzles. Good ol' fashioned jigsaw puzzles. We've gotten at least one call a day, and often more, ever since the shelter in place started.

Unfortunately, we've had virtually nothing available. The sidelines buyer keeps promising that a big $2500 order is on its way, but it's been over two weeks and she doesn't even have a tracking number. I was able to supplement with a very small order from our distributor last week, but most of those puzzles have already sold and they don't have more for us to bring in.

I think I'm down to maybe ten different styles, with only one or two units of each design. 1000+ piece puzzles sell the fastest, but our kids puzzles have done well, too. If we had more, we'd sell them, but at this point it's such slim pickings left that it's hard to keep them moving.

Usually I'm not too concerned with our toys and sideline products, but lately I've been checking our shipments every day and poring over every invoice in the hopes that the promised order will finally appear.

Maybe tomorrow...