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Yosemite Photos

So when I went through my records I realized that I'd been lazy and once again failed to take any photos, so the only photos available for you guys are the ones my father took during our Four Mile trek down from Glacier Point.

Yosemite Falls, with an unusual amount of water this time of year. Usually the Upper Falls are dried up by August, if I remember my trivia correctly.

The Royal Arches, or the Magical Arches, or the Heavenly Arches, or something like that. I think it's Royal - I mean, they look like royalty, don't they?

editted: Yeah, it's the Royal Arches. Apparently it's quite a popular climb with rockhounds.

Very famous view - you've got North Dome on the left and Half Dome on the right. Half Dome's the symbol of Yosemite, even though - wait for it, this is very exciting - THERE IS NO OTHER HALF TO THE DOME. And there never was...!

IIRC (and I probably do not) this is Sentinal Rock. We thought it was very neato looking, quite gothic in the afternoon light. (By the way, all the photos thus far are from Daddy's trip up and are bathed in the soft glow of morning light.)

The Baby Brother and I at the top of Glacier Point. Kenny's head is blocking Half Dome, and yes, I can't believe I still have that awful backpack either.

View from the top of Glacier Point, minus the kids.

He totally didn't tell me he was gonna take a picture, so I have the dorkiest expression on my face. This was over at a Genuine Vantage Point, and you know this because there is a very old and very rusty rail to prevent you from falling over the edge.
(It's also known as Union Point. Some old man used to have a cabin here and tried to collect a toll on the trail back in the 30's.)
Off of history. OH MY GOODNESS, JUST LOOK AT MY HAND. That vein BULDGING out of it is positively disgusting.

Let's get the focus off of me and the mutant snake wrigling up past my wrists and back to the wonder of Yosemite. The Falls again - just look at the water falling so majestically in the tallest free-falling waterfall in North America.

Oh. Well. Uhm. Nevermind my earlier panic.

Father and Kenny DIDN'T EVEN SEE THIS ROCK WHEN THEY WALKED PAST. How the heck do you miss this?

4.6 miles in just under two hours! DAMN I AM STRONG. Let's go with kilometers, it sounds even more impressive. 7.4 KILOS BABY!

See the little raft on the water? THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME. Damn, I really wanted to go rafting, but I never got a chance. Tears.

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