Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Get a little Wicked before the show!

Yesterday Seanie and I went up to San Francisco to watched the musical Wicked. Damn, that was just unbelievable.

I am, of course, referring to the wait and the lines. Not having the foresight to pre-purchase tickets (not that it matters; they've all been sold out for quite a while) we waited in a cancellation line for the afternoon matinee and failed to get tickets; we returned for the $25 seat lottery and a second cancellation line; managing to get our hands on a pair of tickets less than ten minutes before the evening show began.

In our afternoon cancellation line we made a friend - Mr. Milo - and I am very sad to report that we did not manage to get his email address or any other contact information, because he was quite fun. Well, as cool as one can be while still able to hold a conversation about Green Arrow. (Just kidding.) He got a ticket to the evening show while waiting in the afternoon cancellation line; he returned in the evening and waited with us while we tried to get our tickets. His seat ended up being only a few seats from ours.

The musical itself: Fantastic costumes! They were gorgous and ornate and reminded me of all the reasons I simply must do couture work. The sets were also quite lovely and Elpheba sounded fantastic. I wish that the singer performing as Galinda had the same power; unfortunately, she was lost in the chorus half the time.

Still, great show. I'm not sure it was the $80 great that we ended up ponying up for a single ticket, but you gotta do what you gotta do when you simply must see a sold-out show.

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