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Deciding the future of my financial security.

I was talking to Janelle yesterday and I think that I am going to pass on the stock manager position this year. It would be extra work, with no extra compensation, and while being able to write 'stock manager' would be nice for future resumes, I think I'll manage to survive without it.

On the one hand, I do want the job. But I also want my freedom and my spare time. Dad has upped the amount of money I am given monthly to live off of from my mutual fund, so I don't need to work as much as long as I continue to live prudently and within my means. That leaves my work money to be pure fun money, and at this point I think I would rather have the time over the cash.

This is the first time heading into the holiday season that I don't have two jobs, and when I really reflect on it, I'd like to keep it that way. I really want to focus on school through the next academic term, so that I can finally get an internship over the summer. I am willing to live with less money to achieve that. I am willing to give up a title to do that.

I would be worried if we didn't have someone competant to take my place, but luckily Janelle will do an excellent job managing the stock team; if I can work with her anyone can. She's also physically stronger than me, which is a necessary part of the job and where I secretly know I just can't cut it. I can't lift heavier props and boxes, which can be a serious problem. So it is better this way, I think.

I am a bit disappointed, but it'll work out in the end.


I also bought a new organizer for school from Filofax. It's not as nice as the leather ones I was initially eyeing, but it is more affordable and pretty darn cute.

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