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Hello, you don't know me but-

This weekend seemed dedicated to running into people I know. I never knew I had so many connections!
Saturday I went to Point Lobos State Reserve (read: BEACH!) for my photography class, and one of the rangers-in-training (whatever you call 'em) was Kent, who went to the same elementary school as me and I hadn't seen since the summer between junior high and high school.

Me: So what have you been up to since I last saw you?
Kent: I’m at Leigh.
Me: Man that sucks.
Kent: Better than ghetto Branham.
Me: You are so sweet, I do NOT think!
Kent: You haven’t changed, Suey.
Me: Neither have you, dude.
Seriously, it’s always great to see old buddies from elementary school, if for no other reason than they remember how absolutely cool I used to be. :D

After Point Lobos, I went to Albertson's, and in the same shopping center I saw my friend Laura at Hallmark (where she works) and Lindsey at Baskin Robbins (where she still works.) She didn't have her hair in buns, which surprised me. She still has her funny way of speaking, putting emphasize on the wrong words and such.


“Sam, you are such AN idiot! Stop talking IN the THIRD person already! F***! The anime convention WAS f***ing AWESOME! I WAS in the dealER’s room the whole time!” You get the idea.

Sunday I went downtown to see a ballet, and I saw a couple of girls from church. Darcy and Diana. They're twins. The brother, Doug, is cute but a bit of a snob so yuck. The intermission – heck, the whole ballet, was really short. Only a chance to say a quick hello. Anyway, on the way home (on the light rail, always the light rail) this random Asian guy calls "Samantha?"
Me: Uh...hi.
Dude: You have no idea who I am?
Me: ^^;; Sorry! ((I thought it might’ve been my friend Kat’s buddy Fungus, or maybe her ex-crush Kevin, or worse her prom date, Mike, whose mp3 player I ruined by spilling hot chocolate on it within the first five minutes of meeting him. ^^;; Didn’t look right, though, so then I thought it might be my friend Danny, but his voice wasn’t high-pitched enough. I knew it wasn’t any guy from school, ‘cuz he was definitely Vietnamese and the only Viet at Branham is Alex, and it definitely wasn’t him.))
Dude: Do you remember Don Nguyen in junior high?
Me: Yeah...oh. ^^;;
Dude: That's me.
Me: Hiii! I remember you!
Don: So where do you go to school now?
Me: I'm at Branham. ^^;;
Don: The new school? How is it?
Me: It's interesting! You miss the upperclassmen but you get more power.
Don: How many students?
You get the idea. Lots of talk about school. Unfortunately, I had to get off at the next stop, so the conversation was cut off much sooner than I would have liked. The dude’s social skills have seriously improved since junior high...I think. I still can only remember him vaguely-like. He looked like Alex in junior high, but has seriously grown up since. o.O It’s kinda freaky. After I got home, I remembered I’d seen him at the Valley Christian vs. Oak Grove game! EEP! And I still didn’t remember him! I am not winning points with people at OG lately. ^^;; Random detail: Both times he had a huge SAT study guide with him. Weird.

Finally, I saw Aron at his cell-phone booth and we talked about elections. Not too exciting, but hey...I had to ask. (Quick update for my diary readers: ASB elections were last week, and I ran for ASB Secretary. Hope I won! Shouldn’t be too hard...I was unopposed! :D)
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