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ASB Secretary - ick!

I had a minor nervous breakdown today, YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Seriously, it wasn't such a big deal, I just had some ISSUES to deal with, and I'm going to start dealing with them here and now.

1/ I was disqualified from the ASB Secretary race because my GPA wasn't high enough - naturally, they did not see fit to tell us of the requirement before the election week! I could've been saved tons of stress! Now I have to commission for it, which most likely means running against Jessy. I could cry. In fact, I did.

2/ This is more what I was actually crying about. I need to raise my GPA by Friday or I can't commission. Mrs. Jones loves me, though. That's comforting, sorta.

3/ Heidi was afraid I'd be mad at her because she had to deliver the bad news that I was disqualified. Of course not - I love Heidi! I wouldn't shoot the messanger, anyway. I tried to be mad at someone, but I just couldn't do it.

4/ My Aunt Margaret died yesterday night. This is the true bummer, and my major emotional stress. I miss her. I already dedicated an entry to her, though, so I don't think I will again. At least, not now.

5/ 23 days 'til my birthday, la la la la la la...send me postcards!
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