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19 September 2005 @ 09:17 am
Floorset & Noise  
Floorset's done; the store looks gorgeous. Marie might be mad with me because all in all, I did a poor job prepping this time - but what can you do when the company changes the tables three or four times and won't send half of the marketing until Wednesday? Frustrating! It is my own fault that I did not have all the props over from offsite, tho' - I did not prepare that well at all.
Well, whatever.

Today we've got a blue-collar fellow cleaning out our furnaces, so it's very noisy, like there's a giant vacuum cleaner trying to suck us all up. So much for my beauty sleep; but I have homework to finish so I suppose I oughtn't have slept 'til eleven anyway. But at any rate it's so very noisy and there's now a fat tube stretching down the stairs and out the door. Very weird.