Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Brrrr, cold.

Mmmmmm, fur. Aside from being luxurious and warm, I really want to wear full-length coats to piss off PETA members. The judgemental attitude they take is so over-the-top that I can think of nothing more fun than flouncing in their furious faces. On top of that I've had such a killer urge to shop this week. If I didn't have a biology test this Monday I'd say it screw it and head for Jeremy's in San Francisco - apparently they're having a sale this weekend.

Instead I'll be deeply buried in ecology and evolution (why did I make the mistake of selecting a class where the textbook forcibly drags evolution into everything?) and whatever else it is we've been learning.

PS - Good luck to anyone in Rita's path.

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