Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A tale of a murder most foul.

Tonight I saw The Corpse Bride. It looked gorgeous; it's hard to believe but it is so far ahead of Nightmare Before Christmas in the animation. It looks like 3-d computer animation; it's amazing how smooth it is. Although there were some oops! jerky moments where the animation didn't flow properly. The story was predictable but still quite enjoyable - as proof of the point, the movie felt quite short. Granted, at only an hour and a half it certainly wasn't long but it never dragged or even slowed down. Very tight.

On a completely different subject, Planet Feedback is still down and that's too bad. I am oddly fond of entertaining myself by reading customer complaints about Bath & Body Works. I may have a fantasy going about reading about myself someday.
Tags: animation, goth, movies, stop-motion animation, tim burton

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