Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Thinking thinking thinking.

So, noticing that my monthly spending on gas between August and September was a bit depressing. I DO NOT want to see how much it goes up in October.

Man, I am broke. I have about twenty dollars to my name right now, which means I am actually about -1200 right now. WHEN AM I GOING TO LEARN HOW TO ECONOMIZE PROPERLY?
That's right, never.

I suppose I didn't really need to buy that conditioner today, but I am almost out! It was on sale anyway, and it won't arrive for another two weeks since it has to come from Canada. Damn Candy and her suspiciously perfect conditioner. Great detangling stuff, and when it's scented with Marshmallow Ambrosia it leaves the BEST fragrance in my hair. Besides, by my standards $8.50 is pretty cheap for haircare.

Kero's pa is in Los Angeles for an undetermined amount of time, so either tomorrow night or Friday afternoon I am moving in again! Woo-hoo! It'll be great. I'll have to spend some time tomorrow figuring out what to bring with me tho'.

School work school work that's my life lately.

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