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Los Angeles Trip - Revealed!

Los Angeles was a venerable bundle of joy, but I do have a few disclaimers:
1. I looked like shit the entire weekend, because of no make-up and inadequate hair products. Also, because we were heading everywhere on foot and I couldn't be bothered to dig up something stylish, I slummed the whole weekend in jeans and one of Seanie's old sweaters.
2. Seanie took all the photos, because I am a bum and forgot the camera. Therefore he is not in very many of them.
3. Mike's a bit crazy.
4. Paul Rodgers was cool, but he wasn't Freddie Mercury, and you shouldn't think of him that way, because Brian Mays says so. Queen's still cool anyway, even if they play music like old people.

On Saturday morning on our way from Chinatown to Hollywood we discovered Olvera Street. Here's a couple of shots of the street's stalls, which are neat to dig through. I almost bought some sugar skulls but my wallet protested. It's a really neat place - I wanted to go back but we never had time.

Mike buying burnt brown sugar candy. I don't remember what it was actually called, but it tasted like a brick of brown sugar and cost like a buck.

Two dorky photos of Mike & I on Olvera Street.

At Queen's star we ran into a fellow fan who was also attending the concert Saturday night, so we snapped a photo of his Queen tattoo.

I want to leave this photo like this and make up an elaborate story about how I climbed up this complicated statue and was clinging to her boob in a desperate attempt to prevent falling earthward. But the person in the background and probably the general look makes it obvious I'm lying. So as soon as the correctly aligned version is on-line I'll link it.
So the silver chick was standing guard over the Beatle's Walk of Fame star.

In spite of the silver statue's vigilent watch, Mike found the Beatles anyway. Hardcore Mike!

In front of the Mann's Chinese Theatre, which we poked our nose at after the Erotic Museum and before the Hollywood History Museum (currently starring an exhibit of Gay Hollywood) we found Waldo! Talking to Vadar! And a stormtrooper!

Mike in a Star Trek hallway. I have no idea what he's doing, but the wall's listening.

Seanie. Also in the Star Trek hallway. Looking dorky.
I'm too lazy to correctly align this photo. He'll just be sideways.

On the set of Cheers, a show I never watched, at the Hollywood History Museum. All I know about it is Frasier was the spawn of Cheers and a picture of Geronimo is on one of the walls. But we are not near that wall, because we are geeking around on bar stools.

You can't actually see the stage in this picture, only the crowd in front of it. But man, I think it's a neat picture, even though the man with his fist in the air kept blocking my view during the concert.

Best shot of the stage we managed.
Don't you like how I say 'we' when Seanie did all the photography?

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