Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Satisfying day.

Today I had a lovely big paycheck - $421.75. I worked my ass off for the past two weeks to get it, but now that the money's in the bank it seems worth it. (Amazing how the memory of the work fades it into a dim and not-unpleasant memory.)
Of course, the fact that it would have been $522.32 were it not for state and federal taxes makes me MAD. Taxes suck.
Most of that paycheck has been popped off to my credit card, along with my Paypal balance.

Work was good today. We cleaned out offsite and moved most of our props and box-up to off-offsite, and I moved the PWP bags to offsite and cleaned up antibacterial's storage areas. I also found out on Monday I do training for the TSL position and get key'd later this week. I don't know if my raise will take effect this paycheck or the one following, but hey - an extra $1 an hour is nothing nothing NOTHING to complain about!

Since I am not working tomorrow, I plan to get a crapload of perfume and bath products onto eBay, as well as some Lip Service clothing from older lines. Then homework homework and some housework on the side.

I just realized that my arms are still shimmery from when Heather smacked me with her powder puff.
Crap, I was supposed to call her after work.
Double crap, I was supposed to call my grandmother before eight.

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