Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Everyone needs a big fight once 'n' a while.

I am fine now, but earlier today I was sad and angry (sangry?) at Seanie because he was supposed to come over after I got off work. I got off work at six, and called him, and he said he was leaving the restaurant, so I went home to wait for him. And wait for him. And wait for him.

After an hour and a half had passed (half an hour? not too bad, that's normal commute time. forty-five minutes? maybe there's really heavy traffic. an hour? well, maybe an accident...) I called him and found he had not left the restaurant yet. I was annoyed, maybe a wee bit angry, but he said he was getting his show on the road. Well, eight o'clock came and he still wasn't at my house, so I called again and he STILL hadn't left, so I got super-cranky and told him not to come at all, and I didn't want him to come over anymore.

I mean, come on, two hours? That's a lot of time for me to wait around doing nothing. Had I known it would take that long, I would've stayed at work another hour (I didn't have to leave at six, but I chose to leave at that time because I wanted to be sure Seanie and I had time to hang out) and I would have gone over to Kero's house and said hello and gotten some school stuff and clean work clothes and possibly made the bed before going back to my parents' house. But no, I wasted time on web forums and here on livejournal because I kept thinking, "Well, he'll be here in a few minutes, no point starting a big project." (I did get some reading done in a National Geographic book on perfume, which was very interesting. Sadly, it's a library book, and some dick has torn an awful lot of the pages out. Jerk.) Being on time and/or wasting time is one of my biggest pet peeves, and Seanie knows this, so that made everything seem much worse.

Top Model was on so I didn't really want to negotiate, but we talked a bit during the commercial breaks. Seanie said he'd wait to talk to me after the show was over, even though I was campaigning for him to go home because I didn't see the point of him hanging around town just to talk on his cell phone. The show ended at nine, and Seanie didn't call, which started getting me irritated again because really, how hard is it to do something when you say you'll do it?

Luckily, super-irritation was prevented by the fact that my Secret Snowflake on the LUSH forum had recieved her gift today and figured out who I was (who'dathunk she'd still have my info. from a swap we did a year and a half ago?) and sent me a lovely thank-you note for it. Thank you notes always make me feel fuzzy, doesn't it do that to you?

Then Kenny came home and told me Seanie had been outside just now, but had driven away, and gave me a card and two boxes of animal crackers, BECAUSE ALL IS FORGIVEN WHEN HANDWRITTEN NOTES AND COOKIES ARE INVOLVED.
Seriously, that's how it works. I am an absolute sucker for handwritten anything. So I called Seanie and we had a good talk and now everything is mostly peachy keen.

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