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26 November 2005 @ 06:52 pm
I am just wiped out from work! It's been busy at work the past few days - not at all surprising, really, as it's the Black Friday and the first Saturday of the 'holiday season' and it was SO MUCH FUN to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle, but when I got home today I was just dead. I couldn't focus at all.

Unfortunately, I had to, because my parents come home tonight (they went to visit my grandfather on Tuesday and are returning tonight) and the house was (is, really) a disaster. I've been cleaning and tidying the best I can since I got home at five. Luckily most of the important, obvious mess is done - laundry, recyclables, dishes, etc - so I can focus on little things tonight.

My brother seems to be getting ill, possibly because he spent quite a few hours last night gallavanting around town rather than resting at home after his extended eight hour plus four more shift. Well, I suppose we don't all have common sense. :-p

Well, I'm off to keep busy. Sorry for not writing more, I've been a bum!