Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Playing 'catch-up' on my journal

So last Wednesday I saw the Rent movie which managed to make #5 on the top box-office movies this weekend. I'm glad - naturally, Rent couldn't hope to unseat Harry Potter, but I think it ranked higher than Phantom of the Opera did when it opened.
It's a good movie - not a great one. It's definitely an excellent adaptation of the stage musical for the screen - it stays very true to the story, and while they do cut some songs it doesn't interrupt the story's flow at all. The voice mails are all spoken, which disappointed me just because it's so funny to hear people singing to an answering machine. Christmas Bells, Contact, and one other song (I'm blanking which one) were all completely removed. (Thanks myalchod - the other song was Halloween) Goodbye Love was recorded on the 2005 album, but I don't remember it in the movie - does anyone else recall if it was in fact there?
Everyone looks so old now. I guess that makes sense - it's been ten years since the original Broadway show opened, after all - but Adam Pascal especially looked a great deal older to me. (Course, I always thought he looked rather mousy with long hair. Short hair suits his face much better.) Anyway, go see it. Rent should be supported as much as you can, even if it doesn't sparkle quite as much as it does on stage!

On Sunday - which I guess is only yesterday, but time seems to be passing so much faster - I saw Verdi's Un ballo in maschera, and was decidedly underwhelmed. I'm not about to pretend to understand music, or pretend to be a snobby critic who knows best, but I just couldn't become interested in the story. King Gustavus III, whom everyone says is so good and so benevolent, looked rather like an overly made-up toad as he squatted on his throne; the only notable thing about Amelia, played by Lori Decter, is that she appears to have gained a good 40-50 pounds (easily!) since I first saw her perform several years ago. The singing failed to make as much as an impression on me as her expanding derriere. (I do feel quite catty saying that, but to be honest it is what I notice!) When the two main characters fail to engage, the rest of the opera, tight as it was, can't make up for it. Excellent performances by Joseph Wright and Michele Detwiler, both of whom also shone in The Crucible back in September.

Forgot to add: Man, talk about uninspired costumes. I realize they've got a budget to follow, but it's an aristocratic court! Surely the costumes could've been better than satin draped nun's robes in lavender, red, and black! Garish ribbons abounded, but everything looked cheap. Hardly befitting a of Swedish king, especially.

I doubt he would be pleased.

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