Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Blustery Day

Today has been rather stormy. The clothing rack that we have been keeping on my parent's porch got blown over the balcony and smashed down to the driveway, narrowly missing my father's Toyota MR2. (Lucky break, that.) I was able to put the pieces back together, so no harm done. Maybe the incident will be enough to convince my mother that is better to keep the clothing rack indoors, at least during the rainy winter.
At least it doesn't snow here, I can only imagine how much of a pain all that is.

It's so weird, listening to the wind bend trees 'til the tips touch the roots and hear crashing sounds as various patio furniture flies from under the persimmon tree into the wooden fence. If the wind could aim a little higher, I bet we could get a giant splash as one of our plastic lawn chairs lands in my neighbor's pool. It's weird because everything is dead still in our house. The walls don't shake, the windows barely rattle, and the candle flames don't even flicker. The only way you would know there's a storm outside, aside from the noise, is that there is a small crack between our two wooden front doors, and you can feel the cold air blow in through it. That tiny crack is the only way the fur outside can disturb the tranquility within.

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